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Now what happens if you have dyed hair and you want to do a perm. After perming the bleached hair there are also many cases of their hairstyles going out of control.

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Dyeing it yet again will only damage your hair.

Can you perm bleached hair. These perm formulae are created to be very gentle to the hair and often can be used on even the lightest shades of bleached hair without damaging the hair. Keep in mind that bleach and perm solutions are strong chemicals that open and swell your hair cuticle. The more you swell the cuticle the more rough and frizzy it can appear.

Were back with another episode of Ask The StylistMeet Lizzy Korean Director Stylist from DuSol Beauty Novena. As a Korean perm specialist some customers would ask them for a perm with bleached or highlighted hair and they would refuse to because its too risky to danger their customers hair like that. Bleached hair would burn after 1-2 minutes of perm lotion.

It is because your hair has already gone through a chemical process. Were back with another episode of Ask The StylistMany of you really enjoyed the hairstylist QA session we had with Matthew before where he discussed what. Perming bleached hair Fewer than 1 in 10 salons are capable of perming hair that has been bleached once.

Every ones hair takes perms differently. You can do a perm in bleached hair but you should wait for two weeks to do the perm and apply dye. Do a strand test before perming hair to see how damaged the hair is.

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So for DuSolBeautySG they do not do perm services for bleached hair. The most important thing is that you should apply a deep nutrition treatment after a week since you applied dye. Exposing it to multiple chemical processes may alter the hair structure causing cuticle breakage split ends and frizzy hair.

When the perm goes on there is a feeling of success but after a few days the damage will start to set in and the hair would end up becoming very spreaded out with the damage levels obvious. If youre unsure about whether or not perms with colored hair is a good idea- then youve come to the right place. Bleaching permed hair can be done but it all depends on how damaged your hair is from the perm.

It will be in your best interest to allow two to three weeks before and after your perm to color your hair. Although not as dangerous as perming overly bleached and highlighted hair if your hair is colored you may want to give more thought to a perm. Hair dye bleach perms and relaxing solutions are all absorbed into the bloodstream to some degree however very minimal.

This process must be done by the professional and it must be done with breaks between the two treatments to prevent damaging your hair completely. Perming bleached hair is possible but should never be done on the same day as bleaching. There are many formulations of perms available for tinted and bleached hair since these hair types require special care even for high-lift tinted hair.

It can be done but I dont recommend it because multiple chemical processes change the structure of the hair in a negative way. Although perming colored and bleached hair is not dangerous it is not recommended. Moreover perming colored hair is likely to lighten the color.

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If you are worried about the dye or perm solutions soaking into your skingetting into your milk then you can be relieved to know that no studies have shown that this happens. Id have guessed the reason they didnt want to perm your hair was because the bleach weakens your hair not because of the colour in itself. You can do a perm on bleached hair but you must wait 2 weeks to apply the dye and do the perm.

And even fewer perhaps only Hair Illustrated. In this case you should wait at least a week between one process and the other. You wont like how your hair feels and youll be so ready to get your pre-perm hair back.

Any quality salon will not bleach or dye hair the same day they perform a perm. So the answer is yes you can perm bleached hair but it is not recommended since bleached hair will burn when exposed to perm cream.

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