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Plopping for wavy curly hair. Here I teach you how and together we find out if it works.

How To Plop Curly Hair A Curly Girl S Guide Curly Hair Styles Naturally Curly Hair Styles Dry Curls

Strong muscles you can get when trying to diffuse your curly hair and dry the droplets of water falling from the ends of your curls sometimes this task seems to take forever and so it is when you let it air-drying.

Wet plop curly hair. Spread a soft T-shirt on a flat surface upside down with the sleeves close to you. Plop your hair for frizz-free curls. How to plopplunk curly hair 1After your regular shower routine and applying product to wet curls lay a cotton t-shirt on a flat surface bed chair or table with the sleeves facing away from you.

The downside to wet plopping is product can settle on your scalp so use caution if you have a sensitive scalp. Silk is best for the wet nighttime curls since it allows the hair to glide instead of bunch. 2Flip your head over and lower your head onto the t-shirt so that they pile on top of each other like an accordion or harmonium musical instrument.

April 22 2018. It will accordion your curls helping them keep their defined spiral shape even after they dry. After you shower flip your wet hair onto the T-shirt so your head is in the middle.

Lol- – – L E T S B E S O C I A L – – -INSTA. Wet plopping helps your curls clump together and helps frizz find its way home. Wet plopping is done with soaking wet hair in a shower cap post product application.

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It also helps your hair absorb moisture and product better. Plopping is a technique that was born here on NaturallyCurlys forums and one that is an indispensable step in our routine. Today Im here to show you how to plop your hair.

FAQ What is wet plopping. While your head is still upside down pick up and lay the bottom of the shirt over your head. Plopping is the process of tying curly hair up into a T-shirt or towel so that it preserves the curls and prevents frizz.

Plopping is a simple technique that uses a towel to absorb excess water by following specific steps to keep curls from frizzing. I do this while in the shower to keep my hair soaking wet until Im ready to style and to reduce bacne I like to wet plop after applying products for more defined curls from root to tip too. Simply fold a basic silk handkerchief into a triangle with a little edge all the way around.

How to wrap up hair for the perfect detangled curls. When your hair is wet it is weighed down by the water it has absorbed which smooshes down your roots and stretches the curl itself which causes your curls to dry flat and limp. Plopping is a technique that uses a cotton T-shirt or pillowcase or microfiber towel to dry your wet curls in a self-contained mound on.

You plop your wet hair after youve applied your styler and before you start to dry your hair. Then youll tie up your hair. To plop your hair youll want to wash your hair beforehand and apply a moisturizing product such as leave-in conditioner.

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The difference between wet plopping and regular plopping is with wet plopping you plop your wet hair on top of your head in a shower cap instead of a cotton t-shirt leggings or micro fiber towel. Double-check to make sure its touching the nape of your neck and completely covering your hair. Wet plopping is when you plop your hair into a shower cap instead of a towel.

It encourages hair hydration. What is curly hair plopping. We use a regular cotton one in the daytime.

This curly hair plopping technique is good for getting defined curls with the least amount o. Plopping can encourage lethargic wave patterns making them appear curlier because the gathered hair is released of its own weight during the beginning of the drying process she explains. When properly plopped your hair can begin drying without being weighed down giving you more defined curls and more volume at.

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