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Again comb the section forward and put the index finger of the left hand beside and behind the part at the back of the section. Sectioning offers more control over the hair and the technique.

INTRODUCTION TO CUTTING HAIR CUTTING HAIR Shifting Out of T In some instances you will move the hair out of T before cutting to build weight in a certain direction.

Sectioning hair for cutting. The act of dividing the hair into smaller sub-sections while performing a haircut or hair style. Sectioning can adjust based on the end result. If you have thick curly hair cutting your hair at home is all about sectioning your layers and making minor cuts to your ends for healthier hair to extend the length between professional trips to.

The Settles method of haircutting divides the head into seven sections based on the clients head shape which will be completely customized for each individual. Using 1-inch sections comb the hair out 90 degrees and cut the hair parallel to your fingers. Use a texturizing technique to add movement to the section if desired.

Slowly slide your fingers. By simplifying the haircutting technique in this way the Settles have allowed students to learn a method they can use for literally any haircut guaranteeing the best results for their clients with a hairstyle created just for them. When cutting a square layer or flat layer typically we take vertical sections and elevate the hair at a 90 degree vertical angle.

It gives you an opportunity to creat consistent balance throughout the cut. This is the stationary guideline. After the first section has been cut following sections will be done in a like manner.

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This is referred to as a 7-Section parting. Great for creating texture in the hair. When the hair is cut across the ends it creates an even flat line so when the section of hair falls the layers softly blend into the lengths.

Comb hair to get out any tangles. Sectioning is important for control especially when you are detaching a haircut says Villa. Making astraight parting down the back combing the hair left or right to give a comparatively free hand often makes it easier to manage hair that requires cutting short at the back.

Sectioning the Hair for Cutting Itisoften convenient to divide the hair up intosmaller sections for cutting especially if it has to be shaped at the back. Continue using 1-inch sections and cutting to the guideline throughout section 1. Hair is cut with a razor or with a razor comb to create a texture thats typically softer than that achieved with scissors.

Over-Direction Sometimes you will hold a section T but move your fingers away from parallel to the parting. Lace your fingers through your hair with your pointer finger on top middle finger on the bottom and ring finger on top. Start the first section by combing from middle part to top of the ear twirling and clipping in place.

Place your other hand at the base of the neck as a guide your hands naturally want to come together. This is called shifting out of T. The part for the next section will have about 14 inch of uncut hair and a similar amount of cut hair.

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Think of sectioning like cut and paste when working on your computer. How to Section Your Hair. Sectioning Hair with 7-section Parting Theres a standard technique for sectioning the hair in preparation for haircutting taught by cosmetology courses as part of the state licensing boards requirements for cosmetologists.

Start by taking a section of your hair you can clip the rest of your hair back with a clip if it makes things easier. Loading up on hair-smoothing masks and minimizing heat tool-use or at the very least prepping with heat protectant spray is a great way to treat. Start by parting hair down the middle from front to back.

Start the cut in section 1. This technique is called over-direction.

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