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Caucasian hair can be straight wavy or curly. High porosity hair tangles easily because of frayed ends and its very hard to keep moisture within high porosity hair because of the raised cuticles.

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This hair type grows diagonally and at a rate of about 12 centimeters per month.

Caucasian high porosity hair. High Porosity the hair cuticle that is highly raised or even chipped and therefore quickly absorbs moisture. Density thickness and curl type are probably the most common. High porosity hair has cuticles that arent laid flat so gaps throughout the hair strand allow moisture to leave your hair.

But those who have heard of porosity may already know that many experts give this property the. High porosity hair also needs lots of protein. Many times though its caused by hair processing and styling treatments like straightening blow-drying bleaching.

Its color can vary from blond to dark brown. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair. Caucasian hair strands are oval in shape.

If your hair takes ages to dry you have high porosity hair. My hair is normal porosity but seems to have characteristics of high since ive stopped coloring it. A protein treatment will help porous hair get the nourishment it needs and seal.

Dry hair is a sign of high porosity hair as high porosity hair has a reduced ability to retain and absorb moisture. High porosity hair can be genetic which means that it runs in your family. High-porosity hair characteristics include a tendency to tangle easily and susceptibility to high heat heavy chemicals and bleaches says Petrillo.

The right hair care Finding the right hair care for your curls or waves seems like a science in itself. Normal porosity hair tends to hold moisture shine and absorb color and chemicals better than low or high porosity strands. High porosity and ultimately breakage at those points where the hair makes a 180-degree bend.

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Soaking it up like a sponge and holding onto that water for as long as it can. High Porosity Hair Characteristics. Fine Low-Density High Porosity Hair.

The downside is that because its raised and remains raised you can lose the moisture just as quickly as it was absorbed. High porosity hair has highly raised andor chipped cuticles which are usually caused by overuse of heat treatments chemical hair coloring and over manipulation of hair strands. Hair dries quickly after wetting.

The twisted elliptical corkscrew hair shaft structure for type 4 hair makes it particularly susceptible to raised cuticles ie. By nature our hair curly kinky coily is less porous than naturally straight Asian Caucasian hair unless it has been chemically processedThere are three levels of porosity. Signs of High Porosity Hair.

Some conditioners have more protein in them so look for conditioners. Common Causes of High Porosity Hair. It takes almost 4 hrs to dry so that confirms it is not high porosity plus it hates oils.

Protein will help revitalise the strands and make your hair visibly less droopy. Caucasian hair density is the highest of the three ethnic categories and is therefore the fullest. Because this type of hair often absorbs too much water tangles and frizz may be a familiar experience.

High porosity hair. High porosity hair has raised cuticles that will not hold moisture in the cortex or cellular membrane complex. Because high porosity hair loves water and drinks it up.

That said you can remedy this by applying high-quality leave-in conditioners that are rich in plant oils. After all there are several different factors to consider. This is because the cuticles.

You want to properly condition this hair type with formulas that lean more towards sealing in moisture That means oils and butters are your friends. Hair tangles more easily. However the moisture is not easily retained in the hair says Alicia Bailey.

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High porosity hair usually needs more protein or oil to help seal in moisture. If you have high porosity hair you should look for hair products that have some protein in them as protein can help to strengthen your weaker strands. However the white hairs lose moisture quickly i need to put a lot of product leave in.

The Best Hair Oil for Your Hair Type. If the hair has high porosity that. It can often take hours for high porosity hair to dry naturally sometimes all day.

Remember that high porosity hair tends to get wet quickly stretches out when its wet absorbs products easily tangles easily is easily over moisturized and is more prone to dryness. If youre not sure what porosity your hair is be sure to read my ultimate guide to hair porosity post. Porosity refers to the hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture and even chemical treatments.

Hair breaks more easily when pulled. Whether due to genetics or hair damage high porosity hair allows moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft easily yet it isnt able to retain moisture for long. If your hair is highly porous its likely that there are gaps and tears in the strands that make it more vulnerable.

High porosity hair easily absorbs water and products quickly.

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