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If your locks are sensitive to coconut oil you can try and switch to other natural base oils like. Dry locks after application confirm sensitivity.

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The Organicfiji claims that body heat is.

Coconut oil for dreads. Also dreadlocks tend to dry out especially after an AV treatment not to mention it adds a natural shine to your locs limits hair. The simple and quick answer is no. Each of them has its own strong points which will match the purpose and hair type of each person.

How do I oil my locs. My daughter wears her hair in braids and for the past three years Ive used organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in her hair. Coconut oil is very moisturizing and nourishing for your hair.

It helps to bind hair proteins to strengthen the strands. Should you use conditioner or moisturizing creams on your dreadlocks. Each day comb those dreads out slowly.

Coconut oil will strengthen your dreads. Your locks will be moisturized without being worried about detangling if you use oil the right way. To check this apply coconut oil to two locks and monitor the reaction.

Beware though because sometimes coconut oil can lead to dry and brittle locs. It may not be suitable for new dreads. Adding coconut oil to her hair is a ritual that lasts all weekend.

Or you can use coconut for an occasional pick-me-up for your hair if you find over time theyre getting dried out Im African American so my hair is kinkier which allows me to use coconut oil despite its softening abilities. I advise against using it full strength. Each night rub in more coconut oil to new dreads to start the softening process.

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Coconut Oil Moisture the Scalp. If the locks are soft after the application you can use it without any fear. Coconut oil is a favorite for dreadlocks.

Wash your left over hair with a nice natural shampoo get a trim. This product contains coconut oil jojoba oil 100 pure essential oil avocado oil and hempseed oil. Ive been doing this routine for quite some time now and it works well for me.

There are different ways and circumstances to oil dreadlocks. Coconut oil is very moisturizing and nourishes your hair. Here is my simple daily loc moisturizing routine.

Coconut oil is a fantastic oil to stimulate hair growth and gets deep within your hair follicles to moistures the scalp. Olive oil coconut oil or avocado oil are ideal for locs. If youd like.

Even as coconut oil works like a miracle on damaged locks there is a rare chance that your dreads are sensitive to the natural oil. The Best Way To Use Coconut Oil In Dreads The best way to use coconut oil is to apply only to the scalp and not to your dreads. I dont like putting it in my hair Ill explain why in a minute but I wont discourage you from using it entirely.

Here are some expectations you should have if you want to use coconut oil for dreadlocks. This combination revitalizes and repairs the dreadlocks. This oil is light enough to penetrate the hair shaft right through to the cortex strengthening it by binding to the hair proteins.

The heat your scalp produce will keep coconut oil into its liquid state at all times. Dollylocks Nag Champa Dreadlock Conditioning Oil. In turn it prevents breakage and slows down hair loss.

Peppermint oil is a popular essential oil to use in dreadlocks and its one of my recommended oil to use for dreads after a workout. Many people with dreads rave about the benefits of using it in their locs. It hydrates dry dreads adds shine and softness to your hair.

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Coconut oil is highly recommended for damaged hair which is either colored weak bleached or porous hair. Continue the process until theyre combed out. Place in the fridge.

Coconut oil is a natural way to control dandruff and promotes hair growth and help fight against dreads lice and insect bites. By Natasha Vincent Montreal CANADA I found that coconut oil is great for using on dreadlocks and braids. You can also use essential oils lavender oil tea tree oil jasmine oil etc but do so sparingly.

This conditioning oil is suitable for only mature dreadlocks. Yes you can use coconut oil in your hair. This may be because the oil solidified in the hair shaft or because it was overused.

As tempting as it may be to add conditioner to your dreads its highly frowned upon as it will leave a residue thats extremely difficult to get rid of. Shake well and spray on your dreads paying attention to the tips. This essential oil has antibacterial insecticidal antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut oil and dreadlocks.

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