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Rinse and then apply a moisturizing leave-in. Some people use both mousse and gel on wavy hair.

Wavy Hair Tends To Look Stringy Because There Are Sections Of Hair That Clump Together But May Not Curl In A 2nd Day Hair Wavy Curly Hair Curly Hair Styles

If you use a blow dryer to dry your hair be sure to use a diffuser and be sure to use it correctly.

Wavy hair looks stringy. Using a blow dryer sans diffuser is a surefire recipe for stringy curls and waves. While your blow drying scrunch your hair you might need to add more texterizer. It looks wavy but still stringy as I put in more colours.

Spray a texterizer in one for all hair types and get your blow dryer on low heart and turn the nozzle facing down and blow dry. Can You Use Mousse and Gel on Wavy Hair. That will usually stick for a little while.

The wide-spread bristles separate wet hair into clumps eliminating stringiness. Drying your hair using the wrong tools or method will easily stress the hair and make it lose its form. You can chose from a variety of Denman brush types each offering different benefits.

I think this makes my hair less likely to get stringy than people with fine hair or low-density hair. Even though hair is naturally strong it is easily stressed out. This means that a blunt hemline is simply impossible.

Often called dryness this is the most common cause of stringy wavy hair. Lack of hydration or moisture. My hair is also wavey.

I think that the excess protein makes the hair shaft very hydrophobic so that the hair strands cant clump together. All hair types with damaged ends have the potential to look stringy because split. Avoid product build-up by using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month.

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My hair is dense and my strands are primarily averagenormal thickness. This is a recent end shot of non-oiled hair that I have brushed and you can see just how stringy my hair is. It looks like I have been using tongs when I have oiled.

Sometimes curly or wavy hair may also look stringy if it is brushed when its dry or damaged from heat styling. If your hair is weighed down from product build-up it will look any combination of the following. Ad Korean style fashion accessories online store.

If it really bothers you go over it with a bristle brush once its dry. If your hair is lacking moisture it can have a hard time forming curl clumps. Its a good thing I like fairytale ends then.

Hair looks stringy when air dried Clumps are just waves trying to be waves. Sometimes chemical processing can bring out the hairs curl pattern but at the expense of drying out the hair. The result is stringy waves like mine but I loved my unicorn colours too much to care.

What Causes Stringy Wavy Hair. Allow it to sit on your hair for several minutes. Wash your hair as usual then squeeze out the water.

Lack of hold or too strong of hold. If your hair is still dry I would suggest doing a deep conditioning treatment. Ad Korean style fashion accessories online store.

Dry frizzy stringy lifeless flat or unruly. The way you dry your hair has a lot to do with how your curls end up looking. This morning I used sulfate shampoo and Carols Daughters condish I dont need a leave-in with CD my fine hair isnt weighed down and is de-tangled.

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Some people use mousse. If your hair is kinda straightkinda wavy it works out better but after you take a shower get paper towels and blot out excess water. However I do sometimes see where people with wavy hair say that mousse makes their hair look stringy.

Wavy hair often needs a product with medium or strong hold to keep well-clumped. When I get too much protein or the wrong types of protein my hair can look stringy. My hair forms very small clumps like ringlets – but wavey.

When my hair is wet with nothing in it it looks shiny and wavycurly its when it dries that it looks like a powder rats nest.

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