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You have a forehead that indicates a heart face shape but your jawline is too strong for this. The oblong face shape is the longest of the face shapes.

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If you have an oblong face shape then haircuts that add angularity and help shorten the visual length of your face are your best options.

Oblong face shape male. Overall I would say that you have an oblong face shape with some diamond features. Oblong face shape is a tall rectangle shaped face with equal jaw cheekbone and forehead widths and twice as high total face height compared to the widest width of the face. Follow the corner of your eyes down and youll find your cheekbones.

Your face length is the largest whilst your forehead cheekbones and jawline are all similar in length. Another great face shape to have for a lot of versatile hairstyles. Idols that have oval face shapes.

However a slightly rounded jaw and a face with no unusual characteristics big mouth or eyes that resembles the shape of an egg can be very attractive. Your face is naturally long so you want to avoid haircuts that go up and instead choose options that ground your features. This is why knowing how to determine an oval face is important.

The side fringe is the best style for guys with oblong face shape. Ben Affleck Jason Statham Hugh Jackman Sascha Baron Cohen and Jon Hamm. Measure straight down from the middle of your hairline down to the very bottom of your chin and note down that measurement.

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Your chin may be pointed and its likely that your cheek line and the sides are your face are straight. If this sounds about right scroll down. An oval face is considered the ideal shape for a man although any face shape can be good looking.

Oval face shapes are slightly longer than they are wide similar to the shape of an egg and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Some popular men with oblong shaped faces include. The high forehead and distinguished symmetrical oblong face often yields a handsome almost noble appearance as.

08 of 12 Male Face Shapes – Oval. The oval face is the best shape to have because it allows one to wear many different styles. This will make the face look shorter since the fringe is in diagonal and covers most part of the forehead.

The jaw and forehead are rounded and the sides of the face are slightly curvedthere are no sharp angles. Id argue that you have a primarily oblong face shape because of its length. Oblong face shapes usually consist of the following features.

Normally when I get asked the question will long hair suit me or not on YouTube it comes from a guy who is worried about long hair or a high ball not working out because of his. The chin of an oblong face may be pointed or a bit squared off which is why this facial structure may also be referred to as a rectangle face shape. For men who have oblong face shape it is preferable to go with the cuts and hairstyles which can hide in the broad shape of facial features.

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With the bit longer length of hair in the picture and messy look the broad forehead can be easily covered. Oblong face hairstyles men. Guys with the oblong face shape have larger foreheads which can tend to cause insecurity in some men.

Measure from the pointiest part of each cheekbone to the other and note down that measurement. If you are up to this and love to look all stylish and sassy what best than work on this look. Oblong faces are longer than they are wide with a soft curving jaw.

Next one should measure the width of the forehead. To begin one should measure the width of the face across the tops of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. The fringe takes away the attention from your face and instead it focuses on the side bangs.

To begin one should measure the width of the face across the tops of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Short bob is the best haircut for oblong face shape. Meanwhile you also have prominent cheekbones which is a hallmark of diamond face shapes.

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