20+ Braid On Top Of Head Into Bun

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For a flattering look twist your goddess braids into a high bun at the top of your head. Step 2 Take a small section of hair at the nape of the neck and divide it into three pieces.

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And Im crossing the French drain under the middle and bringing in a new section of hair and Im just going to continue the braid bringing in hair on both sides until it reaches the corner of my forehead.

Braid on top of head into bun. Side Bun Ideal for dirtier two or three-day hair the side bun hairstyle is a chic look that dresses up any occasion. Step 3 Cross the side strands under the middle to begin a regular braid. Once you finish braiding tie the remaining hair with a hair tie.

One version is created by gathering braids and twisting into either a bun at the top of the head or by grouping them in a low chic bun. Step 1 Start by flipping the head over to work with the hair underneath. Just a few simple braids can turn a normal updo into an extraordinary one.

Repeat that with the right braid and secure it with a few more pins. New section into the braid. The braids are brought together becoming larger braids.

Upside Down Braid to Bun Instructions. Full looking braids are guaranteed to give your bun more volume and elegance. Twist the braid around a center point on top of the head tightly.

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The rest of the hair is left loose and curled. Now Im going across the back down under the middle and bring a new section into the braids. Finally secure both braids with small elastics.

There are small braids and large ones on top of the head. Step 3 When the braid reaches the back of the crown and all the hair is brought in tie it into a messy bun. Once youre done dip the ends of the.

If you feed three twists along the center and sides of the head into a lengthy ponytail youll style some badass braids. Now let down the top section to do the braid. Braid your hair upward and coil them together at the end.

Make sure that the braid along the back stays in place and the rest of the hair is nice and neat. As you can see in step four we continued braiding until we reached the top of my head. All the braids are formed into a large bun on top of the head.

A braided ponytail is a manly eye-catching design thats right up your street if youre tired of straight back hair or a man bun. Once the braids are done insert the left braid into the hair youve tied at the top of your head and secure it with a pin. Step 2 Create a dutch braid along the center of the top of the head.

You cant go wrong with intricate contrast such as varying thickness and patterns. Depending on how much hair you have after youre done with your braid will determine how large of a bun youll have. Tuck the ends of the hair into the bottom of the bun.

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Twist your hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Watch this video for a quick review on how to dutch braid. Next using the ends from the two stitch braids on the left side of your head create a bun on top of your head by wrapping the braids around one another.

Like a Viking-inspired braid it culminates with a single ponytail at the back.

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