20+ Outside French Braid Tutorial

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If you want a braid that will stay put and be very tight use slightly damp hair. Your hands want to cross the.

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Create the section in the direction you want to braid.

Outside french braid tutorial. Whether you choose to wear double braids as a baldly cute hairstyle to work the way to blend graying hair in transition or a protective hairstyle to wear at home it might be the best time to learn. This creates the inside-out reverse French braid effect. First Upside Down French Braid Move on to the side sections placing a French braid in each one and ending in the back close to where you tied off your first elastic.

Now normally I find that people lift their hands off the scalp and that tends to distort the braid. With this you get a lot more volume and a lot more look. Then finally place your last French braid in the top section and tie it off as well.

How to Dutch Braid. Taking nice even subsections to add into our braid. Picking up pieces as we go along and adding them to the outside sections.

Start with your section of hair. Now this is a nice modern take on the traditional French braid. Begin braiding your hairinstead of weaving each piece over the top weave the outside pieces under the center section.

Grab a section of hair at the top of your head and divide it into three equal sections. The challenge of this braid is sort of like that game where you pat your head with one hand and try and make a circular movement on your tummy with the other hand. And then repeating the whole thing on the opposite outside section.

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French Braid Pigtails Tutorial French braid pigtails make a comeback now with many celebrities embracing the hairstyle during the quarantine. Start braiding your hairbut cross the strands under the middle piece instead of over. Dont let French braids seem daunting with the right tutorials these styles can easily be recreated by anyone and everyone whos willing to give them a go.

Check out these 10 user-friendly French braid how-tos that will help you achieve the dos youve been craving without the headaches. The Dutch braid is basically an inside out French braid. How to French Braid.

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