20+ Unusual Spring Hairstyles Ideas For The Holiday Season

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Unusual Spring Hairstyles Ideas For The Holiday Season 01

There are many key looks for 2020 Spring hairstyles, ranging from an effortless up do to long and beautiful stick straight layers. No matter what your specific hair type is, there is always a fun way to style it and make it one of the hottest hairstyles this spring.

Layers are definitely in this year; so if you are going for a trim, trim a little extra off for the warm weather. Long layers work great since you will not be restricted when you want to put your hair up, but you can still achieve the layered look. Apply some gel or mouse to the ends of your hair, making those layers stick out. This technique also works great for those with short hair, since you can bring the attention to your face with your stick straight layers.

Curly hair is also one of the hottest 2020 Spring hairstyles looks, so if you're naturally curly, you're in luck this spring. Large curls look great for those with long hair, since they can look both sophisticated and fun at the same time. Try pinning up the front of your hair straight back with some bobby pins or cute clips to show more of your face, especially if you have a lot of hair. Smaller curls also work just as well, since having the hair off of your face will make you look more refreshed and ready to tackle your spring.

If you have straight hair but love curls, you can flip the bottom of your hair out with a large curling iron. This style works great for all lengths of straight hair, layered or not. Curling the ends of your hair is a fun and simple way to style your hair, but does not take much time or effort. Use a little hair spray or mouse for extra hold, but make it look natural. No matter what type of hair you have, you can style it to look like the hottest of 2007 Spring hairstyles.

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