Gorgeous Navy Blue Trousers Ideas For Ladies That Looks So Cute08
Gorgeous Navy Blue Trousers Ideas For Ladies That Looks So Cute08

48 Gorgeous Navy Blue Trousers Ideas For Ladies That Looks So Cute

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Evening trousers are a great alternative to an evening dress cocktail dress for an evening event, party or special occasion. Dresses are usually the most popular choice of evening wear for ladies but trousers if worn with the right top can look just as elegant. Most trousers are made from a black lightweight material that drapes well. Sometimes it is possible to find evening trousers in colours like navy blue, gold, taupe or grey. You may also fond some very beautiful evening trousers that are made from a thicker cotton with a sheen or slightly shiny finish or satin or velvet. For the summer, linen can also be a great fabric for trousers.

Unless you have particularly chosen to wear a pair of ankle length trousers, most evening trousers will look best when they are really long, almost skimming the floor. A pair of high heels is usually by far the best option of foot wear for any evening wear but if you really can’ t walk in them, then choose a pair with a mid height heel or even a pair of pretty embellished ballet flats.

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How your overall evening outfit will look is very much dependant on the top that you choose to wear. Hip length tops usually look best with trousers although sometime an elaborate tunic will also look great. You can choose from all sorts of different styles from sleeveless tops to blouses and even sparkly or embellished knitwear. Unless you are planning to wear a jacket, bolero or pashmina or shrug that makes a big style statement, you could add interest to your outfit by looking for a top with sequins, beading or some other interesting embellishment. Another option would be to choose a simple but elegant style of top and choose some beautiful accessories. If you choose an elaborate style of evening trousers, a simple top will usually look the best.

These Lilac Straight Leg Evening Trousers make a huge style statement with their eye catching colour. The top layer of the trousers is a floaty material that drapes perfectly for that evening look. They also have a lining which ensures that they are not see through and hang perfectly. Combine these trousers with a black top or a purple top and gold jewellery for the real wow factor.

These brown layered  Cinderella evening trouserswork really well for ladies who like to look different and individual. The flattering straight leg trousers are covered by a petal like skirt which moves as you walk for a really stylish evening outfit. These trousers are also available in black. The brown trousers would look good when worn with black,  a range of other neutral colours or even metallics or red.

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These double layered trousers with diamante detail are a really unusual style with a floaty top layer with a slit which reveals a row of diamate as you walk. You could combine with a fitted top that also has a little diamante detail or just a plain black evening top.

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