Best Diy To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Leather Garments Ideas25
Best Diy To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Leather Garments Ideas25

44 Best Diy To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Leather Garments Ideas

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Buying a leather garment is truly an investment. Generally, a leather piece is not a throw-away piece. It is generally pretty expensive and depending on the type of leather you purchase, it is something that can truly stand the test of time. Often times, I find that people either tire of the styling of their leather garment and just want a fresh new look.

Since a leather garment is an item that you have invested a considerable amount of money in not an item that you wear every day, I am writing this article to include several tips on how to maintain and add years to the life of your leather garment.

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1) Keep the leather dry. If you get caught in a rainstorm, avoid coming home and throwing your jacket in a heap on your chair. We all have had days where we just want to kick off our shoes, throw our belongings into a corner and turn on the TV. However, it is critical that if your jacket gets wet, it needs to be dried off and put in a place where it can dry naturally. Your closet is fine. It just has to be hung up, dried off and taken care of.

2) If your jacket gets considerably wet and looks rumpled, then let it dry completely. It is permissible to use a Teflon coated iron to iron the wrinkles out. You do this by taking a brown paper bag (one from the grocery store is fine and of course without any writing on the bag) and using this as a protective barrier between the leather and the iron. Obviously, you do not want to iron leather directly as that could be disastrous depending on what type of skin your leather garment is. However, keep your iron on a low heat and use the brown paper bag and you can iron the wrinkles out. For wrinkles which are not too severe, I have found that the wrinkles dissipate after wearing the garment.

3) To protect the garment with a sealant-yes or no? No. Your leather garment is made from a skin and like a skin it has natural oils which protect it from wear and tear. If you were to use a sealant the chemicals could darken the leather and give it totally another look. I would avoid this.

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4) Spills. Ah, this happens to all of us. If your leather garment is black, wipe it off and it should not be too noticeable. Plain water should do the trick. With anything that is oil-based, you will need to blot it out before it soaks into the leather. If you spill on suede, you can try using cornstarch or talcolm powder and let that absorb it the substance, and then try to blot it out with a white rag. Additionally, I have always found that baby wipes work wonders on a multitude of spills.

5) Protect your garment in a garment bag. During the summertime, when you are not wearing your leather pieces, put them in a cloth garment bag. There they will be able to be protected until you pull them out again.

Having a leather piece in your wardrobe is a real treat. I still remember when I bought my first leather jacket. Your leather garment can last you for years or even decades if you treat it right. And it is so worth it!

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