Amazing Spring Wedding Bouquets Ideas To Try Right Now14
Amazing Spring Wedding Bouquets Ideas To Try Right Now14

50 Amazing Spring Wedding Bouquets Ideas To Try Right Now

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Spring has some of the loveliest flowers of any season, so it is no wonder that it is such a popular time for a wedding. There is no need to do anything exotic with your wedding flowers, as the ones in season are so exquisite all on their own. These are some of the most classic spring wedding bouquets.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to be a spring bride is to have the chance to carry a delicate bouquet of lilies-of-the-valley. The tiny white or pink blossoms are an emblem of spring, and are in season in early May. In fact, lily-of-the-valley is the birth flower for those born in the month of May. Its meaning is “return to happiness”, making it a very appropriate choice for wedding flowers. Because the flowers are very petite and on the expensive side, lilies-of-the-valley are generally reserved for bridal bouquets, and other white flowers are used to create more dramatic centerpieces. Allow a lily-of-the-valley bouquet to be very simple; all it needs is a satin ribbon around the stems to become the height of bridal perfection.

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Peonies are another gorgeous spring flower, and they are very popular for bridal bouquets. Typically used in shades of pink or in white, the lush full blossoms of peonies are fantastic for creating larger bouquets. They work beautifully with classic bridal style, such as a lace gown worn with a pearl tin cup necklace. If you wish to add pearl adornments to your wedding flowers to complement your tin cup necklace, try a pearl trimmed ribbon for your bouquet wrap. Peonies are also wonderful for garden weddings, as they have a fresh-picked appearance.

Bulbs are also a spring time favorite, and they make a wonderful addition to a classic wedding bouquet. Try a round cluster of cheery yellow mini daffodils tied with a sage green satin ribbon for an April wedding. Brides who like shades of blue will enjoy what tiny grape hyacinth (also called muscari) can add to their wedding flowers. The standard sized hyacinth is also lovely for weddings, and is available in shades of pink and white in addition to the purples.

Of course, it would not be spring without tulips, and no bride could go wrong selecting this classic symbol of spring for her bouquet. Tulips look amazing when arranged in single color bunches, and you can create a different feeling depending on which color you choose. For the most traditional effect, an bouquet of white tulips is gracious and elegant. Tie them with a white ribbon if you want to maintain a traditional style, or add a black and white striped ribbon for a touch of modern elegance. Red tulips are fun and festive, yellow are cheerful, pink are feminine, and purple a bit more sophisticated.

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There are other lovely spring wedding flowers which make wonderful bridal bouquets. The mini iris can be a great addition to a mixed flower arrangement. The old fashioned charm of ruffly sweetpeas lends a vintage appeal to a bouquet. There are so many pretty spring wedding flowers that that may be enough reason to set a spring wedding date!

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