Spectacular Women Eyeshadow Ideas That You Need To Have20
Spectacular Women Eyeshadow Ideas That You Need To Have20

46 Spectacular Women Eyeshadow Ideas That You Need To Have

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Although eyeshadow is a very common cosmetic, many women have never learned the tricks that can be performed with eyeshadow that can really accentuate the eyes. Whether you are applying makeup for work, for a night out on the town, or just casual makeup for everyday wear, using the correct eyeshadow design techniques can help you always look your best.

Sometimes after applying a simple eyeshadow look for daytime wear at work, you might plan to go directly out on the town with friends after work. Instead of taking off all your eye makeup and starting over, there are some tricks you can use to accentuate your daytime look so that it works well for evening as well.

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In addition to the base color that you were wearing for daytime, select a powder eyeshadow color one shade lighter, and brush this over the upper eyelid area, extending into the crease of the eye and blending over the lower part of the brow bone area.

Then, using the eyeshadow brush, apply a little of this lighter shade under the lower lashes as well. Using a slightly darker shade than your daytime color, brush a line of shadow along the lashes of the upper eyelid to accentuate the eyes. Alternatively, if you prefer, use a pencil eyeliner to accentuate the upper eyelashes, making sure to keep the line very close to the lashes. Once you have the eyeshadow colors applied, simply brush on a coat of mascara, and you will be ready for a night on the town with your friends.

Sometimes for extra drama you might want to create an exotic smoky eye look using smoky gray eyeshadow shades. To do this, first apply a little loose face powder below your eyes to prevent any smudges from the darker eyeshadow colors as you apply them. Then, apply a light pale pink shade over the upper eyelid and brow bone area.

Apply a smoky gray color in the crease of the eyelid only, then sweep it under the lashes of the lower lid from corner to corner, smudging it for added drama. Then, take a darker shade of smoky gray eyeshadow, and apply to the upper lid, again smudging slightly, and run a narrow sweep of this darker color again under the lower lashes. Finally, apply a lighter shade to the brow bone and inner eye area to highlight. Add mascara, and you are done.

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