Sophisticated Lightweight Jacket Ideas For Woman To Try08
Sophisticated Lightweight Jacket Ideas For Woman To Try08

49 Sophisticated Lightweight Jacket Ideas For Woman To Try

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Jackets, nowadays, come in all shapes, types and sizes. One of the most in demand jacket is the khumbu jacket. Catering to both men and women, the jackets have been the jacket of choice during winter seasons. The name khumbu was taken from a great and spectacular region in Nepal.

The region is known for being one of the regions of Mt. Everest on the Nepal side. Makers of the jackets have kept in mind the conditions of Khumbu as they have a created a product that will be suitable for anyone attempting to climb Mt. Everest and any other mountain all over the world. The khumbu jacket is definitely a jacket for anyone looking to withstand cold conditions.

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For women, looking for a women’s khumbu jacket is easy as this is product readily available on department stores and online through various online clothing shops. Dubbed as the versatile jacket, women’s khumbu jacket is soft and lightweight- two of the jacket qualities that women specifically look for. It comes in simple but sophisticated, clean styles and as it effectively keeps the body warm as it should.

Women’s khumbu jacket is made of mid-weight fleece so it’s surely fashionable and not bulky so it is a great choice for women looking for a great winter jacket but doesn’t want the bulk that comes with it.

It can be worn it itself or over a shirt or another jacket because of its relaxed fit. It has a full frontal zipper that can be adjusted depending on the temperature. If it’s too cold, it can be zipped up to the very end and can be adjusted accordingly. It is very durable and is known for mountaineers and climbers as it functions well in cold conditions plus they’re comfortable with it as they can easily move around without any issues.

North Face is the known provider of great quality women’s khumbu jackets. These are available online and on official North Face retailer stores. It comes in various colors like black, grey and even pink and simple styles that would fit any woman’s need.

The pockets are conveniently placed on the side and are a great hand warmer. It comes in all sizes from small to extra large sizes and measurements for each size are available on online websites as well. Consumer reviews on how great these women’s khumbu jackets are also available. It is a definite value for the money.

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