41 Marvelous Sequin Wedding Dress Ideas To Try Right Now

In the winter, many animals lay dormant. They hibernate, saving their energy until the warm sun heats the land and food becomes plentiful again. After many months of rest they rise from their slumber and journey back out into the wilderness. Young animals are born and the cycle of life continues.

With flowers blooming and baby birds chirping, springtime has always been a symbol of renewal and new beginnings. That is part of the reason why many young couples pick this magical season as the time to hold their weddings.

Beyond the symbolic representations of spring, this is a season when there is always a good chance that the weather will be in your favor. If you hit the perfect day you can count on a gorgeous sunny afternoon for the ceremony and a cool, comfortable night for the reception.

Picking out a wedding dress for a spring wedding always calls for a bit of forward planning though. You never know what the weather is going to be like, so you must find a dress that will work for the hottest day or the coldest night. Here are a few great options for springtime wedding dresses.

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