Delicate Tulip Bridal Bouquet Ideas That You Want To Try 17
Delicate Tulip Bridal Bouquet Ideas That You Want To Try 17

37 Delicate Tulip Bridal Bouquet Ideas That You Want To Try

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Current wedding surveys consistently rate tulip wedding bouquets as one of the three most popular wedding flowers globally (the other two being roses and calla lilies). If ever there was a prize awarded for the best all round wedding flower than tulips would definitely be a front runner.

Tulips are simple, beautiful, ornamental trumpet-shaped flowers that are not toxic in any way and come in a variety of wonderful colors (except for classic blue) in particular red, orange, white, yellow, pink, mauve and purple. Some are mildly scented although most are without any scent whatsoever.

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Most of the commercial florals are imported from Holland or the Middle East, particularly in the spring. The size of the plant varies from very small, about 3 inches up to as high as 30 inches. This is a bulbous plant characterized by one flower per thick stem and large, green leaves.

Each effervescent flower has 6 sepals. These flowers do not have thorns and have a reasonably good longevity compared to other cut flowers. Tulip wedding flowers can be used in all kinds of bouquets either as a pure bouquet, as a mix of two or more types or colors of tulips or as a mix with other wedding flowers or greenery, for example hyacinth, camellias, calla lilies, peonies, roses, sweet peas and ranunculus all make excellent partners with tulips. Almost without exception tulips look sensational when paired with calla lilies.

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