Chic Calla Lilly Boutonniere Ideas For Perfect Wedding 33
Chic Calla Lilly Boutonniere Ideas For Perfect Wedding 33

38 Chic Calla Lilly Boutonniere Ideas For Perfect Wedding

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The history of the bridal bouquet stems from ancient times when brides would carry certain herbs. Sage was carried for wisdom, rosemary represented remembrance and faithfulness. Dill was carried for lust. The bride would also carry marigolds that would be dipped in rosewater. After the wedding the bride would them eat the marigolds for the benefit of the aphrodisiac powers. Flowers are always a strong focal point for most brides. Knowing the characteristics of flowers is something that is often overlooked.

Here we are going to take a look at some of these characteristics. The first time you want to do is to ask everyone in your wedding party if they have any allergies to any particular flowers. Topping the list of highly allergic flowers are Gardenias and Lilies. However if Lilies are the flowers that you choose be sure to have your florist remove the stamens. Left intact, they’ll stain your dress with bright yellow pollen.

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Destination weddings are most defiantly on the rise. The more popular locations are islands and warm weather places. Delicate flowers, like hydrangeas, are sure to wilt and sag in warm weather. You will want to choose hardier blossoms like Roses, Calla Lillies, Birds of Paradise or other more tropical flowers. If your wedding will be in a cold place, below 42 degrees, there are some flowers that will actually turn black. This does not mean that you should not use these flowers in your arrangements, but if you will be going outside at all, for a photo session perhaps, then you will run the risk of damage. Be sure to check with your florist if this will be a concern for you. We also want to point out that if you choose dark flowers, like red roses and you want black and white photographs from your photographer, the roses in the black and white photos will appear as black. Another great photo tip is to have a second boutonniere for the groom as it is common for the boutonniere to wilt and get crushed with all of the hugging that will most likely take place.

Wild or field flowers can be sweet and charming to look at, some field flowers are best left out in nature. Once they are cut, most poppies and bluebells will droop and wilt before you get to the altar. There are a few exceptions that include asters, sweet peas, and daisies Some popular wedding flowers, such as euphorbia and daffodils, have a hollow stem. Their sap can drip onto your lovely gown. So if you choose one of these varieties for your bouquet, be sure that each stem is wrapped with floral tape. Your centerpieces should also get your keen attention. Don’t allow your centerpieces to hinder conversation between guests. Centerpieces should always be either high or low, never in between, forcing your guests to strain their necks to speak to someone on the other side of the table. You will want to have great communication with your florist. This can save the day, as we have seem many brides ready for their photos at the hotel but the bouquets were dropped off at the church. So check with your photographer, were do they want to start with your photos and that is your personal flowers should be dropped off.

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