Enchanting Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas To Try Right Now 20
Enchanting Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas To Try Right Now 20

36 Enchanting Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas To Try Right Now

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Appetizers can also follow a bridal shower theme. A honeymoon-themed bridal shower could showcase foods from the location of the bride’s upcoming honeymoon. A wine-tasting bridal shower could serve wine and accompanying cheeses, along with croissants and French bread. A tea party bridal shower could have cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches, petit-fours, and tea cookies.

It is a good idea to offer both meat and vegetarian appetizers to be appropriate for the greatest number of guests. Also try to offer something savory or filling for each sweet or dessert offered at the party. If you only want to offer appetizers, throw the party between the hours of one o’clock and four o’clock in the afternoon; times when a full meal is not expected. You might want to consider special diets and other special needs when considering which foods to have at your shower.

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Many people with allergies or special diets will either contact you to inform you of their needs or they will bring something with them that they can eat. It is polite to serve this food in a similar way as you have served the other appetizers. Even if the special food must be kept away from the other food for allergy reasons, you can still provide your guest with toothpicks, decorative plates, and any garnishes they desire.

If you wish to serve a meal along with your appetizers, covered dishes and casseroles are a good idea. You may want to ask your guests to bring a covered dish and make it a pot-luck affair, or you could prepare three or more dishes for the guests to choose from.

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