Impressive Siangie Twins Outfits Ideas For You And Your Twin 30
Impressive Siangie Twins Outfits Ideas For You And Your Twin 30

35 Impressive Siangie Twins Outfits Ideas For You And Your Twin

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Ok all you twin mothers, I have a question that many have asked, do you match or do you not match your twins clothing? If I was going to take an informal poll I suspect the answer is it depends. That is true about many things in life, but it no doubt is true here too. It depends on what age they are for starters. I think as an infant until three years old it is certainly done.

I know that is what my mother did with me. OK should we go higher to four or five years old perhaps? I think we can without an issue for most people. Where it does get embarrassing is when the child is shouting “I have to wear what “, “no way, you are not getting me to wear anything near that. I am sure you have had those moments. I remember as a six year old my mother debating in the store whether to buy matching shirts or not. What happened next every man can attest to. My mother turned to my father and said what should I do here. I mean these shirts are so gorgeous. You think at six I can get away with it? My father being the typical guy he was, was wondering how on earth he got dragged to a mall on Sunday. Hadn’t my mother heard of football? He also did what so many men did and is probably an article for another time having nothing to do with twins. He did what I call “The Pause”.

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What is that you ask, glad you did. He thought for a moment, what does my wife really want me to answer here. It is like the new dress she asks and says “Does this make me look fat? ” Today I answer with you got it, the pause. Then when pestered I say of course it looks great. She will usually smile, bat her eyes and say no really. Now those are the best.

Getting back on topic here, it is really a matter of taste I guess. If at six years old your adorable daughter or son turn to you and say no way, well now you have your answer. I am either going to force them to do this and be miserable or I am going to honor their opinion and I know this is where they are starting to assert themselves. As a twin may I say to that the choice is to please respect their opinions. They will thank you for it. They will respect you more and you will be happier in the long run. Sometimes making your children happy goes a lot longer than simple saying but my holiday card would have looked so cute. We twins appreciate respecting our choices. We want to be our own person. We know we are twins and we love that, but at the same time want our own friends and own choices.

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