37 Astonishing Kendall Jenner Makeup Ideas For Women That Looks More Beautiful

When it comes to makeup, seek out brands that are made especially for women of color. These will enable you to match your skin tone perfectly. Most makeup lines are designed for Caucasian women, and the colors, especially the foundation, are all wrong for African-American women. Most women of color, unless they have very dark skin tones, tend towards warm tones, which calls for yellow-based foundations.

Those with beautiful dark skin tones often have a cool tone to their skin and will want to look for a foundation with pink undertones.

One easy way to determine if your skin tone is warm or cool is to check out the veins running on the inside of your wrists. Greenish tones mean that you are a cool, while bluish tones indicate that you have a warm skin tone.

To get the right foundation shade for you, it’s often worth it to go to a department store and pay a little extra to find a foundation shade that will match your skin tone exactly. Often, you will find entire lines devoted to women of color that you just won’t find in most drug stores, and you can try before you buy.

Blush is also tricky for women of color. Often, a simple sweep of bronzer over your cheek bones in a tone slightly darker than your skin tone. This looks far better on African-American skin than a garish swipe of pink blush ever could. Blush is designed to bring some color into pale Caucasian skin, and just does not look quite right on darker skin tones.

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