43 Pretty Natalie Borton Outfits Collection Ideas That You Need To Know

Fashion in movies is a really easy and fun way to get some inspiration for dressing up and some of the outfits will take your breath away. Here are some of my favourite fashion moments on film, if you haven’t seen them then put them on your list of must sees:

Gangster chic at its best in the classic Bonnie and Clyde where Faye Dunaway shows us how to wear a bob, a beret and a scarf while on the run.

Mia Farrow is superbly presented in The Great Gatsby as is Robert Redford, it’s like a fantasy land of beautiful clothes, beautiful people and beautiful homes. A classic well worth seeing.

I recently watched Out Of Africa with my Mum, what a great movie! Meryl Streep is of course wonderful, but her outfits are also divine from her hunting outfit in Denmark to arriving in Kenya in her travelling suit, her wedding outfit (not a dress) and wearing a beautiful scarf and shirt at home on her coffee plantation.

Grease I was young enough that I didn’t realise that “Sandy” was supposed to be a bit of a nerd pre her make over…I thought she looked great. But when she came out in that slinky black outfit with her hair all done I could understand how “Danny” couldn’t resist, but looking back now I am not sure I really want to emulate either outfit, but still heaps of fun and probably my most memorable “reveal”.

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