40 Cozy Red Velvet Tuxedo Design Ideas For Men Steal The Look

Tuxedos are the tailored suit for men. It is well known for its satin lapel. This type of formal wear could be widely seen during formal dinners as well as other events like a wedding.

The name tuxedo was derived from a region in New York where the Marquis de Chastellux referred to in 1754 as the “Tuxedo Pond.” The place was also called the Duck Seeder because it is a favorite place to hunt wild ducks.

The Lorillard family is responsible for Tuxedo Pond’s first step to society. They have turned the place into an elite hunting and fishing resort.

Later in the year 1885, Tuxedo Pond later developed into a social district; thus it was called Tuxedo Park, with Iames Brown Potter as one of its founders. In November that year, the Prince of Wales introduced the idea of dinner jackets to Mr. Potter.

The first appearance of the Tuxedo was in October 1886. It was the first Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Club. Griswold Lorillard and his friends who wore the wardrobe that was to be called the “Tuxedo.”

They wore a red satin-lapelled jacket with no tails as would the traditional white dinner jackets should look like. And from then on, the idea was adapted by everyone else.

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