Cute Winter Style Ideas For Women That You Need To Try 37
Cute Winter Style Ideas For Women That You Need To Try 37

46 Cute Winter Style Ideas For Women That You Need To Try

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Winter wear for women could have you looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story: all bundled up, barely able to move, and so devoid of style that you can clear out a fashion week tent with a single overstuffed parka. Is there a way to feel and stay warm but still look feminine, or must you resign yourself to your winter fate of looking like a unisex Teletubby until spring begins to thaw the winter frost? You are in luck – there is winter wear for women that will keep you stylish, chic, and warm (and you probably have most of this in your closet).

1. Tights: The thickness of your tights will depend on your local climate. However, tights allow you to wear your summer dresses throughout winter. Just put on some tights and some knee-high boots. Most of your leg is protected, and yet the dress clearly tells the world that you are the female sex of the species.

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2. Arm Warmers: Who can text, check Facebook, or tweet with their fingers all bundled up in gloves? Arm warmers let your hands stay warm, but leave your fingers free to increase your digital footprint or sex with your boyfriend. It also allows you to show off your feminine manicure even if there is a nip in the air.

3. Belted Coat: A heavy coat with a belt will allow you to show off your waist and girly figure even in the coldest weather. Want to see this style advice in action? Just take a look at the character Olivia Pope on the TV show Scandal in Episode 1 or 2, or really any episode of the show. A belted coat says “I need to keep warm, but I’m a girl who is stylish as well.

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