Best Beach Hippie Style Ideas For Fun Winter To Try Asap 30
Best Beach Hippie Style Ideas For Fun Winter To Try Asap 30

32 Best Beach Hippie Style Ideas For Fun Winter To Try Asap

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Its that time of year when we are all hopefully jetting away to somewhere warm to a holiday that incorporates sea, sand and some Sangria! However, if the thought of being on the beach is leaving you feeling a tad anxious as you are not in you are best shape then what can you wear to make you feel fab none-the-less?

Sexy sarongs are the perfect beach-wear attire, team cotton ones with your bikini and it will keep you cool and help you dry off as you leave the sea or pool and head to the bar. If you fancy being a bit more glamorous then opt for slinky silk sarongs for hot holiday evenings, they keep you cool and can be revolutionised depending on how you style and accessorize. You can go for the hippy-boho look with beaded necklaces, bracelets and Gladiator style shoes or opt for directional wedges and strappy tops and it is off to the night-club.

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Another great tip for beach-wear looks is to go for neutral colours that can go with all your different varieties of bikinis, so think white, navy, graphite and black. Do not take expensive and heavy embellished garments to the beach, all those sequins and appliques may sparkle in the sunshine but most of these garments are easily damaged and are likely to be dry-clean only, so why bother with the stress of looking for your giant sequin in the sand or heading to the dry-cleaners!

Finally if you are going to the beach go for loose fit-styles or even opt for one size larger if you are wearing cotton day-dresses or shirts. Just think that if you are hot and covered in sticky sunscreen the last thing you want is to feel too constricted. Empire style dresses or A-lines that fall directly below the bust-line are perfect for the beach as they are free-flowing and you can nip them on and off easily from sea to sand heaven!

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