Fantastic Flapper Makeup Ideas For Haloween Party That Will Amaze You 18
Fantastic Flapper Makeup Ideas For Haloween Party That Will Amaze You 18

40 Fantastic Flapper Makeup Ideas For Haloween Party That Will Amaze You

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The flapper costume allows us this flexibility. The box shape form of the dress allows us to hide areas of the torso that we would feel uncomfortable revealing. It also makes the dress super comfortable to wear for all ages and allows ease of movement, especially when dancing. It helps us to release the Inner Diva.

It is often said that less is more.And so it is with the flapper dress. We can accentuate our best features and minimize our trouble spots. The use of boas for example, can help in covering the arms which may require some de-emphasizing. In its simplicity the plus size 1920s flapper girl dress lets us add a few bright accessories, necklaces and earrings in particular. Accessories will draw attention away from the body and up to the face – we can use them to distract and highlight. It is easy to see how the flapper dress for the plus size woman is the perfect canvas for accessorizing.

Experimenting with flapper makeup can be fun and definitely is part of the flapper look. The rosebud shaped mouth and large smoky eyes were intended to be provocative, teasing, and alluring. It is another “accessory” that will distract from any areas the plus size woman would like to hide. Practice being flirtatious, but still classy, sexy yet still sophisticated and care-free.

See how your smudged eyes, pouting crimson lips and pronounced rouged cheeks suddenly transform you into the seductive, independent and fun loving flapper girl of yesteryear. This is a great opportunity to bring out flapper girl attitudes that you feel could work in the 21st century lifestyle. Do some experimenting at your next Halloween party where accessories, makeup, the dance and the dress will all help to bring out the best qualities in you.

What is being highlighted today is the need to be healthy and happy with what we are born with. That’s not to say that weight loss is not a good thing but weight loss that is right for your body type with an emphasis on good nutritional eating habits and a good appreciation of ourselves as a person is what matters most for a well balanced life attitude.

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