Captivating Diy Manicure Ideas For Your Perfect Moment 40
Captivating Diy Manicure Ideas For Your Perfect Moment 40

45 Captivating Diy Manicure Ideas For Your Perfect Moment

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Crystal nail files are a MUST HAVE in your spring beauty tool box for DIY manicures and pedicures! This spring natural nails are all the glam! Perfectly shaped finger nails with clear coat or sheer polish is the popular look on red carpets and runways all over the world. The perfect crystal file for both fingers and toes is the best beauty tool because its easy to use, hygienic, healthy for your nails and very cost effective! You will be date night and runway ready without having spent a fortune at the nail salon!

Why do we recommend crystal files over emory boards and metal files for achieving the perfect look? A few simple glides of a crystal file over the nail can smoothly shape the nail and easily take off any undesired extra length. Crystal seals the nail tip closed as it files helping to keep water, dirt and bacteria from seeping into the nail tip. This is one of the reasons why after using a crystal file for about one month, you will notice your nails are growing stronger and are more resistant to chipping, peeling and cracking. Building strength in your nails is important if you want the glamour of an all natural look.

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Emory boards and metal files roughen and tear the nail, this is the nature of how they file. When you use one of these traditional tools, you usually need a rougher filing surface to shorten and shape and then a softer, gentler surface to smooth out any ridges. Crystal files are gentle and yet effectively accomplish the tasks of shortening, shaping and smoothing in just a few strokes!

The healthier and stronger your finger nails are the younger and sexier your hands look! Sheer polish and natural looking nails are the perfect look for the spring season! Top it off with a healthy dollop of hand cream throughout the day to keep your hands soft, dewy and sexy.

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