Adorable Tattoo Design Ideas For Travel Addicts To Try 27
Adorable Tattoo Design Ideas For Travel Addicts To Try 27

33 Adorable Tattoo Design Ideas For Travel Addicts To Try

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For women and girls, tattoo ideas may be different than those for men. A lower back tattoo (just above the rounded swell of their buttocks) for instance is a common tattoo for women to think of. Usually, the tattoo design idea is a spread out tattoo (mostly a tribal and sometimes a flower or butterfly) that is inked in the center of the lower back.

Another tattoo idea for women is to have one at the base of the nape, but this cool idea is more visible than others which can give complications with work. The tattoo idea at the base of the nape can be a small design (for instance an animal, symbols or writing in a different language) or the lengthier tribal design which spreads from the left to the right. Since it is less visible, some women like a tattoo at their shoulder instead of at the base of the nape. This part of the body can also move which can give the impression of a moving tattoo.

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For men, there are many different kinds of tattoo design ideas which are not at all similar in design to tattoos that women prefer. Men focus more on things that are manly in nature. The choice actually depends on the preference of the male who wants to have a tattoo. It can be anything that inspires the man.

There are some tattoos that are more preferred by males than females (for example chains, dragons or snakes, cryptic words or images and much more). If a man is into a sport or likes guns, the probability that he is likely to have related things tattooed is high. For a person who is into Heavy Metal and Goth the tattoo design is most likely to be in these lines as well. Many men also like to have symbols or words tattooed on their body.

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