31 Lovely Wedding Shoes Ideas For Your Retro Themed Wedding

A beach wedding is different from a traditional wedding in terms of the theme and venue. Having a wedding on the beach can be quite challenging and exciting as you would have to brave through the natural forces.

Before you lay and decorate the venue, do consider having a flooring. This makes walking easier, rather than to tread on the soft white powdery sand. However depending on your preference, you can opt to have the flooring or not.

Your shoes should match the theme of the wedding, your dress and the venue. If you are having a retro beach wedding, you might want to get some shoes that are retro in nature. Or if you are considering a super duper casual beach wedding, then you might consider trendy flip flops.

Though the theme of the wedding is an important determinant in selecting your shoes, knowing how you are going to decorate the venue is important too. If you have decided to set a flooring, then you would find yourself having a wider choice of selection to choose from. If you do not have, then you might want to consider dropping the thin silhouette or heels as they sink easily in the sand. You might not even want to consider closed shoes since you know that you will feel uncomfortable when the sand gets into the shoes.

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