Fabulous Wedding Color Combination Ideas To Try Right Now 31
Fabulous Wedding Color Combination Ideas To Try Right Now 31

35 Fabulous Wedding Color Combination Ideas To Try Right Now

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Most weddings are still designed around the classic colors, such as white, ivory, and pink. If you are looking to create a more lively and unique wedding, then using less traditional colors is a great way to do it. When you choose bold and interesting colors and pair them in unique combinations, you are sure to have a wedding that is fresh and memorable.

When you are choosing your wedding color palette, the inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Perhaps you have always loved the bright and bold effect of an offbeat flower combination, such as orange lilies with purple lisyanthus. Or maybe you had planned to go with a muted color palette, but fell in love with a bridesmaid dress in a sassy color. However you come to it, if you opt for a lively and fun color combination, it will add a lot of character to your wedding design.

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One pairing to consider is straight from the fashion world: aqua blue with bright scarlet accents. The aqua is a fun and festive color, and the red will really pop as a detail color. One of the best ways to use this color combination is by featuring a print that has an aqua background with a red design, such as a bold geometric. This color pairing can also work very well for a seaside wedding: think blue ocean and red coral.

Another interesting wedding color palette is tangerine and celadon green. These two colors are more matched in intensity than the aqua/red palette, but they are still a great contrast. The yellow undertones in the celedon green and the tangerine help to make these colors compatible. They will make a strong statement, but they do not clash.

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