Attractive Denim Ideas For Spring To Try Asap 30
Attractive Denim Ideas For Spring To Try Asap 30

41 Attractive Denim Ideas For Spring To Try Asap

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Denim tights are showing up all over this spring. It’s makes a lot of sense. They are much lighter than regular denim which makes them much more comfortable to wear and so much easier to move about in. They are also being called denim leggings and Jeggings.

I’m sure other nicknames will spawn, but those are the ones I know of as of yet. Really though, I am so happy these have come back in style in a modern version of the 8o’s classic. I love leggings/tights and these are a natural evolution of the classic, basic, black tights we see everyone wearing these days. Black tights for sure are classic, but a tad boring. The presence of denim leggings have for sure spiced things up.

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I’ve seen several people going off the straight and narrow, in terms of basic colors of denim, which is so fun. Basics being black, white, grey, blue. Don’t be afraid of a little, or even a lot of color, for spring and summer. Think of the rainbow… red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple are all fabulous colors of denim to try out.

Don’t forget pastel versions of these colors as well. Not that there is anything wrong with your basics colors of denim tights. It is just fun to add some “color outside the lines” sometimes.

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