Modern Haircuts Ideas For Oval Faces You Must Try 41
Modern Haircuts Ideas For Oval Faces You Must Try 41

51 Modern Haircuts Ideas For Oval Faces You Must Try

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When looking for a new hairstyle, it is important to keep the shape of your face in mind. For instance a style that would be flattering on a heart shaped face may not be as complimentary on an oval shaped face. In this article we will go over hairstyles that are ideal for round or oval shaped faces.

The best type of hairstyle round face will help balance the round shape of the face. This can be achieved by utilizing long layers. Layers should start at the chin, and work downwards. The flowing nature of wearing longer layers will thin the shape of the face, making the face appear less round. Long layers can be applied to most hairstyles. However, chin length and longer tend to be more suitable for round faces.

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Another trendy technique for slimming round faces is to employ waves in a hairstyle. Waves help to camouflage the appearance of a round face, again making it look slimmer. This sultry hairstyle can be achieved through chemical perms or styling tools. To obtain waves without the commitment of a perm, try braiding sections of your hair while it is wet, and allow it to air dry. This trick will give even the straightest of hair sexy beach waves-just be sure to use larger sections of hair. Using smaller sections will make the hair look kinky as opposed to wavy.

As these looks help to slim your face, there are some styles individuals with a round shaped face should avoid. These are hairstyles that add width or weight to the shape of the face as opposed to deflecting it. Some hairstyles those of us with round shaped faces should avoid include traditional bobs, and blunt bangs. While there are variations of this style that can compliment a round shaped face, their traditional counterparts will not be as pleasant.

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