Cool School Outfits To Wear This Winter 08
Cool School Outfits To Wear This Winter 08

51 Cool School Outfits To Wear This Winter

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Children’s hangers are the first step to creating space in a child’s closet. The hangers you choose do not have to be boring either. Velvety smooth kids Slim-Line hangers are available in exciting colors like pink, lime-green, blue and lavender. You can color code your child’s closet, dividing different types of clothing on different hangers, or you can simply match the children’s hangers to the room decorations and paint.

Another exciting way to spice up a kid’s closet is to decorate it with Glam Hangers. These beaded beauties are sure to encourage your child to hang their clothes and keep their closet looking nice!

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Winter often means bringing out all of those bulky sweaters and coats. Space is the biggest concern among parents organizing their kid’s closet for winter. Many parents have found the use of bins or laundry baskets useful for things like winter boots or stacks of sweaters. Coats can be taken out of the equation if you hang them on hooks outside of the closet or on the inside of the closet door.

Slim-Line children’s hangers are very flat and keep clothing not only on the hanger, but hanging very close together so that they stay organized without taking up extra space. Another space saver that can actually save you almost 50% of your space is the use of cascading hooks or finger clips. These attach to the children’s Slim-Line hangers and allow you to really get organized.

You can use the hooks or clips to hang the bottoms with the tops. For example, you can hang a pair of pants with each shirt or sweater on the same hanger, freeing up the space that would be taken by the pants on a shelf or on the hanger alone. Some people even like to use the finger clips to clip socks and underwear to the pants, so that kids can easily get up in the morning, pick an outfit and get themselves completely dressed for school in record time. Talk about getting organized!

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