Delightful Fall Outfits Ideas With Blazer That Looks Elegant 38
Delightful Fall Outfits Ideas With Blazer That Looks Elegant 38

49 Delightful Fall Outfits Ideas With Blazer That Looks Elegant

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If your notion of a blazer involves elbow patches or rolled up sleeves with pastel shirts, it’s time to revisit today’s version of the blazer. And you thought the only place for blazers is the boardroom or country club, think again. The Blazer is one of this season’s hottest wardrobe items and with so many ways to wear it, it makes sense to have at least one in your closet.

“Blazers are an ideal layering piece to lend a more polished, well put-together look whether casual or dressed up,” says Robert Rogers, design director for NYNE (New You New Energy). “The blazer has enjoyed an evolution that has seen it go from strictly a dress/office attire item in traditional fabrics, patterns and colors to a no-holds-barred crossover piece that can be mixed with anything from athletic apparel to denim and everything in between. Throwing a blazer on casually really helps create the impression that you are together style-wise.”

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Not to worry, blazers can still be worn to the office, only now you’ll get more out of your investment. “Guys can wear blazers so many ways these days,” Rogers says. “Of course, the traditional way for a blazer to be worn is with a shirt and tie or with an open collar shirt, polo shirt or even a sweater…but a newer, cooler way to wear a blazer is mixing different and even conflicting elements of a wardrobe.

Blazers are generally thought of as a dressier garment so to ‘hip’ it up, pair a blazer with favorite jeans, tee shirt and running shoes or with jeans, dressy, open collar shirt and boots … or dress it up with an open collar sport shirt-no tie, dress pants and shoes.

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