Beautiful Summer Outfits Ideas For Plus Size Ladies02
Beautiful Summer Outfits Ideas For Plus Size Ladies02

36 Beautiful Summer Outfits Ideas For Plus Size Ladies

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When summer approaches, it’s a time for your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Likewise, a woman’s outfit is supposed to feel comfortable and appear stylish. However, smaller women have the luxury of showing off their summer apparel while voluptuous ladies may be disheartened by the low number of summertime dresses available in their size. Although, if plus size women give apparel such as a summer dress a chance, they’ll definitely overcome the heat and look great doing it.

Various Styles of Summer Plus Size Dresses

Some may have the idea of loose-fitting pants or a larger-than-life T-shirt when we mention “plus size” for dresses. However, this simply just isn’t the case as summertime plus size dresses come in a range of styles and designs that are sure to appeal to the wide range of personal tastes that many plus size women have. Voluptuous women are in luck as summer dresses are available in both casual and trendy styles. Below you can find a number of fashion styles that are currently popular among plus size women for the summer.

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Capris, Cropped, or Gaucho Pants

Capris are type of women’s legwear that fall halfway between the knee and ankle. Typically available in a number of fabrics such as denim, cotton, and other stretch materials. Lightly colored capris with a loose blouse top, paired with a hat make a great outfit for any beach trip or picnic with close friends on a mild summer day. Since capris are naturally loose-fitting, plus size women have the extra benefit of covering areas on their body they might not want to show such as a less than toned waist or problem hips.

Tee Shirts Made of Cotton

Since cotton is naturally breathable, women have the option of choosing T-shirts with different styles of sleeves. Pair a set of denim capris with a V-neck shirt that is sleeveless for a quick and casual outfit if one is on the go. A set of stockings with a half sleeve cotton t-shirt and a knee-length skirt make for a great get up in the workplace to keep one cool and comfortable even during the summer months. Also, for those women who love to take summer evening walks, add a cardigan or blazer over a tee and you’ll definitely keep warm during those cool temperatures at night.


Long skirts that are flee flowing and do not hang against the body are great for summer, mostly because of their casual nature and fun designs. Pair a set of flats or sandals with a skirt that is straight and in summer evenings, any woman will still look stylish. Skirts that may appear short or end above the knees may not make the most comfortable or best outfit as skirts such as this may highlight certain problem areas.

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Similar to short skirts, some plus size woman may want to steer clear of some styles of shorts as they may also highlight some problem areas. However, if one was to choose the correct type of shorts, any plus size woman would be able to enjoy comfortable shorts. So, opt for a pair of cotton stretch or Bermuda shorts instead of their Daisy Duke alternatives. The right design of pants can even divert attention from one’s problem thigh area.


Plus size women who are bold and confident can wear a stylish swimsuit when visiting the pool or beach. Swim shorts and tankinis are popular types of swimwear for women. Also, adding a sarong made up of bold colors is a great way to cover up areas a woman may not want highlighted.

Where Exactly To Get Summer Plus Size Dresses

Nowadays, women can find most of their apparel online with great convenience. The sheer number of summer dress dresses to choose from is staggering. And, finding the right size is never an issue as plus size clothing is available in all sizes to cater women of different shapes. Some women may notice finding plus size clothing at local boutiques difficult as most stores do not offer anything above size 10. A majority of dresses for plus size women start at size 14 and go up, hence the problem of finding this type of clothing at most outlets.

Nevertheless, investing in new apparel made of a range of summertime plus size dresses and other clothing is a fantastic way to make a fashion statement this season while it’s still hot outside.

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