Stylish Men Sport Coat Jeans Ideas For Inspirations22
Stylish Men Sport Coat Jeans Ideas For Inspirations22

40 Stylish Men Sport Coat Jeans Ideas For Inspirations

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Women are naturally drawn to successful, sharp and sexy men. A man in a fur coat sends the message of prosperity and polish. Mens’ fur coats are becoming increasingly popular in the new millennium. However wearing fur is nothing new for the male species. Since the beginning of mans’ time on earth, it was the most rugged and brave of men that were adorned in fur. Only the most skilled and brave hunters were able to obtain the hides needed for fine garments.

Although the wealthy and the nobles may not have been the best hunters, they could buy the highly desired furs with their vast fortunes. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Josephs’ coat of many colors was certainly a coat made of a variety of fur pelts that his father Jacob had obtained. Josephs’ brothers were so jealous that they sold him into slavery! Today the best and the brightest men are normally the most successful and these are the men that can afford fine suits and fur jackets. They set the high standards in style that other men aspire to emulate.

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One very timeless style of jacket that is often made of fur is the bomber jacket. This jacket style was made popular by the fighter pilots of World War I. The bomber jacket is often a sheepskin coat with the warm fur on the inside and the smooth leather on the outside. Today bomber style jackets are often mink, beaver, nutria or fox fur jackets. Bomber style fur jackets are often the favorite of motorcycle enthusiasts who need the insulating warmth that real fur provides while out in the elements.

Another very popular style for mens’ fur coats is the car coat. The car coat is a coat that was designed in the 1960’s specifically for driving a car. They fall just below the hip to the mid-thigh which keeps the coat in place for the driver. They have an A-line style and flat front that doesn’t gather when the driver sits. Overall the coat is designed for comfort and style whether the wearer will drive with it on or not. The fur car coat style is very elegant and versatile. It looks great over a suit, tuxedo or jeans. Business men, athletes and entertainers are often seen wearing fur car coats.

Finally, you can never go wrong with the reversible coat style. A reversible coat combines the two favorites of leather on one side and fur on the other side. A reversible coat is ingenuous in that it is two coats in one. It’s like, buy one and get one free! These coats are popular for men that want more for their money and like flexibility in their wardrobe choices. They may like to sport the leather side during the day, then at night kick it up a notch with the luxurious fur on the exterior. Also there is a plethora of choices when it comes to the type of fur you want on a reversible fur coat.

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